1.  Apocalyptic scare tactics
  2. Irrational panic among adherents
  3. Wildly inaccurate predictions of doom and gloom
  4. Zealous disciples among non-expert class
  5. Desperate calls for united global response
  6. Arguments based on appeal to authority
  7. Falsification of the relevant metrics
  8. “Regardless of the cost…” exhortations
  9. Demonization of anyone who dissents from the official narrative
  10. Bandwagon arguments
  11. Lack of proportionality given known facts
  12. Disregard for civil, human rights
  13. Centralization of power
  14. Use of the MSM, international agencies and governments for propaganda purposes
  15. Shut down entire sectors of the economy
  16. Dogmatic adherence to the approved narrative despite the evidence
  17. Use of the surveillance state to identify rule breakers
  18. Encouragement of citizen snitching
  19. Media suppression of contrary evidence and analysis
  20. Reframing of the crisis as the passage of time discredits earlier prophecies

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