A crisis does not build character, it merely reveals it.  Below you will find what people have had to say about me, and occasionally, about my critique of the MSM narrative.

“Stupid”   -Becki Tomlinson

“I have been following your opinion about all of this and I disagree with you. You obviously do not work in healthcare. It is totally fine for you to “lament” how hard the doctors and nurses are working especially when you are not the one needing care at that moment when our Emergency Rooms are completely full and we do not have the resources to protect our patients or ourselves.” -Michele L Miller

“Why don’t you be sensitive or an adult and stop using the word hoax.
Self promotion in a pandemic not a problem for Jeff”  -Susan Cummings

“This is the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill. What is your end goal? Because honestly, your sphere of influence is really small. I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but it just seems futile in the big scheme of things.”  -Martha Dixon Akins

“Gee, I can’t imagine where people get the notion that Libertarians don’t care about people.” Brian G Heyer

“That’s a lie, and you know it. Anybody who looks at my feed can verify for themselves that you are lying. People who are right don’t have to lie about the people who disagree with them. People who are virtuous don’t lie just to bolster their position in a debate.
I thought we could disagree while still being on the same side. Apparently we are not on the same side. Because you have chosen (more than once in the past day) to speak obvious lies in attempt to maintain your cognitive dissonance. What you’re doing is immoral, and it’s also pathetic.”  -Nash Yielding

“Here is yet another quote showing this guy is a complete fucking moron. Herd immunity builds up no matter how fast a virus goes through a population. This ‘expert’ you cite should be stripped of all degrees and certifications, and the institutions stupid enough to grant them to him should be burned to the ground and their grounds salted….sorry, didn’t realize you were a fucking moron too. Enjoy your imbecility.” -Richard Araujo

“You’re a jerk”  -Michele Shank

“I find your post uninformed and inflammatory. If you want to discuss a topic and not appear to just post to incite commentary, at least put a little more research into your work before you post.” -Ben Whitehead

“I like most of what you post, but I have to say that I’m kind of fed up with your line on this thing. Your whole premise is wrong, and this is really sloppy, poorly-thought-out writing…..simple, blatant, dishonesty….Pathetic….You reacted to my criticisms like little girl with hurt feelings….So again, what is your point? You want it to kill more people than the other causes you list and THEN we can take preventative measures? There is no logic in this!”  -Matthew Hoffman, LifeSiteNews

“False bravado is deadly, it is a mortal sin…You tempt God with your arrogance…You are pontificating about stuff you know actually NOTHING about.”  Chris Field

“Yeah, who cares about people dying so long as the stock market isn’t hurt any worse than absolutley necessary” Jeffrey Lieser

“ALL those % are wrong . Only based on KNOWN % of infections .”  – Steven Cullen

“Do you really believe that government, private business., and health professionals would waste billions or trillions of dollars and professional credibility on a hoax?  I suggest the writers of this article fly to Italy and report live from the current center of this hoax and disprove the body count. Man up.” -Chip Roberts

“Ridiculous, dangerous and outright ignorant…dangerous misinformation” -Marisa Ann

“Room temperature IQ …making the healthcare system failure in Italy about socialism vs capitalism” Taylor Ragg

“I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or simply be annoyed with your flippant attitude about this serious threat to Americans health and welfare….Get educated and try humility.”  Joan Chapman

“Drama queen”.  Ursula Wagner

“Stupid…dismissive…incautious…reckless”.  Steve Skojec, 1Peter5

“”As usual, right-wing liars are caricaturing a position and then mocking those who never propounded the caricature to begin with….I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with sowing confusing and disunity during this time….There is no “data” that confirms any of your mindless rants. You’re making it all up.”  Eric S. Giunta

“I look forward to hearing your perspective when it starts killing people in Nashville and Memphis. I bet those charts and numbers are going to look a lot different when its your neighbors who are dying and getting sick.”  Thomas M Francis

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