Podcast #916: Why We Fight

We often suppose that wars are fought over things like resources, border disputes, and ideologies. My guest calls this “the spreadsheet approach to war” and argues that, in reality, such factors only come in as justifications for the much deeper drives at play. Mike Martin is a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of War […]

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Wine Reviews: Mini Round-Up for July 31, 2023

2015 Casanova di Neri 'Rosso-Irrosso di Casanova di Neri' Sant'Antimo (Tuscany): Whoa. That's a lot of vivacity… Like battery acid levels of it. $28 B+ 2015 Badia a Coltibuono 'Roberto Stucchi RS' Cultusboni (Chianti Classico): Still in fighting form! Maybe RS stands for Retains Freshness? $16 B 2020 Marchesi Alfieri 'Alfiera', Barbera d'Asti Superiore (Piedmont): […]

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Sunday Firesides: Hunger Is the Best Spice

In the Orthodox Church, Easter and Christmas are preceded by 40-day seasons in which adherents forgo certain meals and abstain from particular foods. These fasts not only serve as a means of spiritual preparation; they also add poignancy to the feasts that follow. Our culture’s secular feasts, like Thanksgiving, are not preceded by fasts. Instead, […]

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