The Tyranny of Old, Sick Yankee Men

The numbers from New York are interesting. 62% of fatalities are men 72% of fatalities are age 65 or older 73% of those who died had comorbidites (most often they are also the leading causes of death in the US which suggests they are dying from heart disease, cancer, the flu and diabetes and happen […]

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Coronavirus Survivors Speak Out

I interview my Mom and Dad about their experience with the coronavirus, including their initial symptoms and the difference in the progression of their illness, their treatment at the hospital, the effect of prayers while they were in the hospital, the side effects of the anti-malarial drug and their thoughts about the economic shutdown.  

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Tracking Predictions

How have the experts’ predictions held up over time? I’ve taken their first public predictions and put them in a chart to compare them against the reality (count updated daily).  I also put my first prediction in there for reference (where a range was provided I’ve taken the mid-point of the range).  Memes like […]

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