The numbers from New York are interesting.

62% of fatalities are men

72% of fatalities are age 65 or older

73% of those who died had comorbidites (most often they are also the leading causes of death in the US which suggests they are dying from heart disease, cancer, the flu and diabetes and happen to have the Wuhan but are not actually dying FROM the Wuhan)

For those over age 60 who got the Wuhan AND had underlying chronic conditions, the survival rate is 89%.

For those under age 60 who got the Wuhan, 99.3% survive; 80% had no symptoms at all.

Outside of NYC, the data is much, much better (or worse, depending on what value you place on lives in flyover states).

Up to 1/3 of the American population already have immunity to the Wuhan based on previous contact.

On average, 11,000 Americans die every day (3,000 from abortion, 8,000 from all other causes).  There’s a pretty chart here to put things in perspective for you.  So far this year average daily deaths due to the Wuhan (this is accepting the government’s inflated number) is 524, or 4.7% of the total.  FOUR PERCENT.

Has anyone else figured out why deaths due to heart disease, cancer and diabetes are so much lower in 2020 than in the last five years?

I’ll repeat what I said two months ago; you are unlikely to get this,
if you do get it you are unlikely to get sick,
if you do get sick you are unlikely to get hospitalized,
and if you do get hospitalized you are unlikely to die.


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