The experts told us our health care system would be crushed by the Wuhan.  They painted apocalyptic stories of people dying in the halls, physicians and nurses dropping like flies, basic medical equipment insufficient to meet the need.  Millions would die from the virus and from a lack of access to basic medical care as a result of overwhelmed hospitals.

Of course we know now that none of that happened.  Many hospitals have been so underwhelmed that they’re firing physicians and nurses in a desperate attempt to survive the lockdown.  The USS Comfort sits empty in NY harbor.  Temporary hospitals that were setup to handle the thousands of patients they couldn’t find hospitals beds for are being dismantled after receiving zero patients.

And then there’s this delightful video of a hospital wing in truly pathetic shape:

One thought on “ Remember How They Said the Hospitals Would be Overwhelmed? ”

  1. Interesting and insightful. Is it any wonder that the eco-religionists are claiming, with increasing frequency, that COVID19 is the planet punishing us for our lack of environmental care?

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