man kissing woman with writing on eyes - Poems To Make Her Feel Specialman kissing woman with writing on eyes - Poems To Make Her Feel Special

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If you are looking for ways to win a woman’s heart, check out some poems to make her feel special. Not only are they a work of art, but you can also find some love quotes for her in them.

I’m a dating and life coach with published works on sites such as UPJourney and Morning Laziness, to name a few, so I know how to make someone feel special.

So for the romantic people there, read on.


Ultimate List of Verses That Will Make You Win Her Over

Man and woman laughing togetherMan and woman laughing together

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You don’t need to be a poet to give her romantic poems to make her feel special. We already have some of the best poems with romantic love messages to sweep her off her feet.

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6 Romantic Shakespeare Sonnets That Will Make Your Girl Swoon

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Trust Shakespeare to have a list of romantic things to say to your girlfriend all over his works. These classical sonnets are timeless when it comes to expressing romance and desire.

Here are 6 love poems to make her weak on the knees:

1. Sonnet 147

The love William Shakespeare narrated in his poem is a maddening kind, fatal, which consumes a person much like a disease. This love message describes a constant battle between logic and emotion, where the latter wins, even when the desire is unhealthy.

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2. Sonnet 116

As described in this romantic poem, true love is only that which is never-changing, surpasses time and death, and cannot be easily shaken. A love that persists even when your lover leaves you behind. And if it is not as such, then it is not true love.

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3. Sonnet 18

Shakespeare compares his beloved to the ever-changing season, from summer to winter. The changes describe how one can be youthful and radiant once and dull and aging. But he later reassures his beloved that her youth, much like an endless summer, will be immortalized in this poem.

Young couple smiling and having funYoung couple smiling and having fun

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4. Sonnet 102

This sonnet is relatable for couples who’ve been in relationships for a long…

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