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Glasses coming off shelves on their own. The sound of whistling when no one is around. Unexplained figures in the dark. Kegs moving and found unexpectedly in unusual places.

These occurrences and more have been reported at various haunted breweries across the country. If you believe in all things paranormal, visit one of these breweries for your next pint of beer.

Dark tourism has been a popular sensation for ages, usually spiking in the month of October right before Halloween. Travelers flock to locations with haunted histories, longing to experience some paranormal activity for themselves. Many places embrace the influx of visitors, often providing seasonal tours alongside themed items or activities.

The craft beer world is no different. Breweries across the country have noted unusual occurrences, unexplained sounds, and otherwise strange happenings. And the older the original building of the brewery is, the more stories there are to tell, which is why you’ll find more haunted breweries along the eastern coast of the United States. These breweries all embrace the phenomenon in different ways. Some offer beers named in honor of the spirits and tours of the historic premises. Yet others shy away from the attention, hesitant to admit there may be unusual forces at play.

The Phoenix Brewing Company, Mansfield, Ohio

You wouldn’t expect to find a brewery housed in an old mortuary, but that’s exactly where The Phoenix Brewing Company found its home in Mansfield, Ohio. The Charles Schroer Mortuary opened in 1914 as both a mortuary and funeral parlor. Exactly a century later in 2014, The Phoenix Brewing Company opened its doors after the building sat vacant for 70 years.

The five-barrel pilot brewing system is located in what was once the embalming and preparation room. During construction to open the brewery, a few bones were discovered under the floor’s concrete and turned into the police. In honor of the departed, The Phoenix Brewing Company decided to name a series of wheat beers after them. John Doe is a standard American wheat, while Jane Doe, Barb Doe, and Juan Doe are infused with raspberry, rhubarb, and lime, respectively. Several other house beers reflect the history of the building.

the phoenix brewery spooky beer cans

In the eight years that the brewery has been open, both customers and staff have reported several unusual occurrences. Guests have said they’ve felt someone brush up against them or bump into their chair, only to find no one there. Many paranormal enthusiasts have discovered orbs in photos taken throughout the building. Professional ghost hunters have recorded EMF (electric & magnetic field) activity and voices. One even claimed to connect with a male spirit, stating that the entity does not like beer, but is happy to have people in the building again.

How many spirits could be in the building…

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