Readers might remember the panicked reporting when the cruise ship The Diamond Princess discovered several passengers were sick with the Wuhan Virus.

All 2,600 passengers were quarantined and the worst was assumed because of the tight quarters, the impossibility of ‘social distancing’, the same crew members cooking, cleaning and interacting with all the passengers, and of course the generally older age of the passengers.

It’s a recipe for disaster.  It’s everything that our rulers and the ‘experts’ tell us is wrong.

And yet 82% of the passengers were never even infected.

Better yet, 48% of those who DID get the virus SHOWED NO SYMPTOMS.  The fear mongers will tell you this is a BAD thing…because getting sick is good?

Moving on.

Seven people did die, and they were all over 70.  This yields and age-adjusted infection fatality rate of 1.2%

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