Weekend In Beer – Beginning October 27, 2023

It’s gonna be a ghoulish weekend that’s chock full of beery Halloween celebrations. With the weekend leading up to Halloween that takes place on Tuesday, there are plenty of ways to celebrate all across the beautiful state of Oregon! Things kick off this afternoon in Halloweentown, aka St. Helens, Oregon, with the Witches Brew Fest. […]

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Odds & Ends: October 27, 2023

Why Note-Taking Apps Don’t Make Us Smarter. I like the idea of capturing all my thoughts and the stuff I read in one central note-taking app in order to create a super-powered brain sitting in the cloud. I have dreams that my note-taking app will help me unleash a torrent of untapped creativity. But every […]

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The 5 Scariest Episodes of The Twilight Zone

If you have only passing familiarity with The Twilight Zone — maybe only really knowing its iconic opening sequence — you might be forgiven for thinking that the classic television show centered on scary themes. In reality, however, while the show certainly had a dark atmosphere and included plenty of suspense, creepiness, and dread, it fell more […]

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