Anyone who has expressed skepticism at the hysteria which has engulfed the world in recent weeks has, it seems, been the recipient of a great deal of vitriol.







“Satan’s tool”

“Damn liar”


And the list goes on, but this is a PG-13 blog.

In reality this is a perfect demonstration of the textbook definition of psychological ‘projection’, i.e., the act of accusing another of one’s own guilt.

It is those who have panicked and relied on their (we are assured), ‘good’ intentions without regard to the unintended consequences who have unquestionably brought about unnecessary suffering and death.  Their conscience warns them that the subordination of their intellect and will to their emotions (and virtue signaling), brings with it enormous consequences and they lash out rather than confront this truth about themselves.

It has been widely predicted by those who managed to hold on to their reason in recent weeks:

As of this writing, more people have died from suicide in Knox County than people have from the virus in the entire state, where there have been 6 fatalities from the disease, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.

Knox County is home to Knoxville, the state’s third largest city.

In fact, the data indicates that when this pandemic is over, more people will have died in this country from suicide than the cumulative total from the virus itself.  If the current trend continues and we end up in a depression, that number could be several times the number of fatalities from the Wuhan.

This doesn’t count the innumerable incidents of child abuse, spousal abuse, divorces and bankruptcies that will result from mass hysteria.

We will have spent and lost more in the last few weeks assuaging our mass panic than we spent fighting Al Qaeda, Iraq and ISIS over 20 years, and we have demonstrated to our many enemies just how weak and easily intimidated we truly are.

The next foreign attack upon America will not involve airplanes and buildings but a simple bug and our own fear.  FDR was right about something after all.

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