A critic, Marisa Ann, writes:

“It’s waste of time to argue [with you]. The logic [you] use is wanting at best and ridiculous at worst. If we apply [your] logic for denying the number of deaths from Covid-19 to, say diabetes, then literally no one dies from diabetes. [You] obviously do not understand medical science and determining cause of death. Every single person on the planet does and will die from cardiac arrest. That is a fact, and how we tell when someone is in fact dead. What matters is what caused the cardiac arrest (not heart attack, but heart ceasing to beat) when determining the cause of death. When the lungs fail to function, as the way it often does with Wuhan, the heart does stop functioning. Heart and lungs are closely tied together. So are all the vital organs, hence being vital. Someone who died during Covid-19 infection, because they had a heart attack or kidney failure or sepsis, is being scoffed at having been counted as a statistic of that virus is ridiculous, dangerous, and outright ignorant of basic function of the human body.”

I reply:

Marisa Ann, let’s say we adopt your methodology. Questions:

Why has there been a dramatic drop in all of the other causes of death nationwide since we started classifying them as Wuhan deaths and not the comorbidites?

Are we to believe no one dies from those causes any more?

And as the Wuhan peters out over the next month, will people suddenly start dying from those causes again?

The year to year comparisons would give us context, agreed?

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