(CHICAGO,IL) – Revolution Brewing, the largest independent brewery in the state of Illinois, is marking a milestone for the IPA that makes up nearly half of its production. Anti-Hero IPA is getting new birthday packaging, a Taproom party, an Imperial Anti-Hero, and more.

Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero 10 YearsRevolution Brewing Anti-Hero 10 Years

After opening the Revolution Brewing Brewpub (2323 N. Milwaukee Ave.), the brewery signed a lease on a production brewery in Avondale soon after to bring its beer to shelves throughout Chicagoland. Anti-Hero was part of the initial group of cans, and continues to lead the way for Revolution as a regional brewery distributing across 11 states. A new limited run of cans and cartons feature the titular Hero jumping out of a cake, and a story on the brewery’s website details the full history of the origin and growth of Anti-Hero for the first time.

“IPA has always been our style to experiment in, from those first Pub batches to what we do with the League of Heroes and in our small-batch double dry hopped IPAs,” Chairman of the Party Josh Deth said. “But Anti-Hero has stuck around for a reason, and it’s the first thing most people think of when they hear ‘Revolution.’”

As part of the celebration, Revolution is asking fans to recount their experiences and stories featuring Anti-Hero via social media. Winning entries will receive limited-edition anniversary prints from Chicago artist Ryan Duggan, Anti-Hero anniversary merchandise, and other prizes.

On October 12, Revolution will release a limited run of Imperial Anti-Hero, a double dry-hopped version of the original that lands at a mighty 10% ABV. Four-packs of 16-ounce cans will be available at the Revolution’s retail locations and distributed to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.

An October 27 party at the brewery and Taproom (3340 N. Kedzie Ave.) will wrap up the celebration. There will be cake, an appearance by the hop-headed guest of honor, and an announcement of the new year-round Hero IPA set to debut in early 2023. This will be the very first birthday party for an anthropomorphized hop in Chicago history. And one that’s more than due, according to Deth.

“Anti-Hero was the spark that helped Revolution become the brewery it is today,” Deth said. “At 400 cans a minute, a decade of canning goes by pretty fast. It’s important to stop sometimes and celebrate how far you’ve come.”

About Revolution Brewing

Revolution Brewing is the largest independently owned brewery in Illinois. Revolution proudly brews only in Chicago between the original Brewpub in Logan Square and production brewery in nearby Avondale. Revolution currently distributes in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nashville, New Jersey, New York City, and Wisconsin.

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