Are you (or someone you know) single and looking to improve your dating life? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you live in the Atlanta area, you must listen up! I have teamed up with the number one wing girl Marni for a new series on my YouTube channel. 

The goal is simple: to help you single dudes become chick magnets. Think of the series as the Alpha M. Project meets a dating reality show. You’ll get a makeover, be taken to a salon for a fresh cut, get coaching from Marni, and be sent out on a date with one of our super sassy spicy experts. After the date, receive feedback about what you did right and what you need to work on. It’s all expenses paid, covering everything. 

If you’d like to enter: 

  • Film a 2-minute video of yourself (no longer than 2 minutes) explaining why you need our help, your dating situation, what you want it to be, and a bit more about yourself.
  • Upload your video to your YouTube channel and make the video ‘unlisted.’ 
  • Email the unlisted YouTube link + your phone number + your age to chickmagnetshow@ If we have to download anything, we won’t open it. 
  • The deadline is September 2nd at 12 pm EST. If it gets after the 2nd, we won’t look at it. 
  • Filming will be the week of September 29th, which you will only be needed for one day. We can coordinate based on your schedule.

Help others transform into a ‘Chic Magnet’

We are incredibly excited to help change men’s dating lives and turn them into ‘chic magnets’! If this sounds fun, let other people over 18 + single know so they can submit, as we’d love to help!

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