Remember the CBS clip in which they aired footage from Italian hospital pretending it was from a NY hospital?

CNN has done something similar, using footage from Hurricane Harvey in Houston to fan the hysteria.  Jeremy Jack explains:

Okay.. I have held my tongue about this COVID-19 insanity but after #CNN used MY face to report outright LIES that continue to incite the mass hysteria around this issue.. all bets are off! My son starts blowing up my phone today saying DAD you are on the news about the Corona Virus! I was completely confused.. so I find out that while reporting on the conditions in San Francisco as a result of the virus they used footage of ME and others during Hurricane Harvey in HOUSTON lined up outside of Kroger’s on Westheimer near the Beltway! CNN is using MY face to present misleading journalism that continues to seriously impact our economy and the every day decision making of the public. This is not okay.. do actual research for yourself. Get info from Health Organizations and local/national government. Take general safety precautions. Ignore the news..

Shocked at their audacity?  You shouldn’t be; they’ve been successful at turning civilization upside down and destroying the livelihoods of tens of millions of American families by manipulating your perception of reality and exploiting your fear.  Your panic has proven to them their methods are effective, and so they grow ever bolder.

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