“For most of you reading this your life is probably very different now to how it was even a month ago. We dove into Google’s data to see exactly how life is changing for millions of people around the world — and the results are pretty interesting.

Some people are taking up a new hipster hobby like brewing beer or making sourdough bread. Some are keeping in shape while worrying about a recession and trying to find some strategies to deal with cabin fever. Others are just frantically trying to get some toilet paper delivered or get a decent haircut.

If we were able to see search data at the individual level we’d probably be able to build different profiles of how people are spending quarantine.

That would reveal what’s probably a substantial divide within this data; that the people searching for “how to keep kids busy” are probably not the same people taking up relaxing, but messy, hobbies like brewing beer or making sourdough bread.

Whatever you’re doing to get through this pandemic, keep it up.”

Go check out their cool graphs at

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