It’s been about six weeks since I first posed this question.  “How do you get sick if you self-quarantine?”

A lot of Americans have gotten sick since then, and about 2% of those have died.

Death is rarely something to be cheered, but we also know that death is inevitable, and if you are over 70 and have two serious chronic diseases (as most who die from Wuhan do), well, it’s not exactly unexpected, is it?

You can’t tell me you’re 73 with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and 40lbs of fat and you’re surprised that you’re a candidate for a not-so-early death, right?  You could cough yourself into a heart attack, you could trip on the way to the refrigerator and break a hip, you could nod-off during second breakfast and never wake up.

But since we’ve abandoned all reason as it regards this question of death, I return to my as-of-yet unanswered question about the risk to those who have self-quarantined to avoid the Wuhan.

For months we dutiful Citizens have heard that the elderly, the sick and the otherwise vulnerable should self-quarantine.  That makes sense if you want to avoid the common cold, the flu or even the Wuhan.  It makes so much sense that even I endorsed this plan back in February.

But why do the young and the healthy need to self-quarantine? 

There’s approximately a 0.0002% chance of dying from the Wuhan if you’re young and/or healthy.  You’re more likely to die in a car accident.

And yet billions of people around the world have been forced into house arrest, despite the evidence that it a) worsens the risks of death , b) predictably increases suicides, spousal abuse, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and c)  in much of the third world risks social unrest and potential starvation.  That it is almost certainly illegal is, well, let’s face it, this is the USSA and it’s 2020 so forget I mentioned that.

So why has the whole world laid prostrate for Herr AllFather?

My parents chose not to self-quarantine.  They both got sick.  But had they remained in their homes, and my children and I had been allowed to go about our normal routines (Church, the gym, the park, the library, Bible Study), how exactly would my parents have gotten sick?

Even if I had gotten sick, and seriously so, how would my parents get sick from me?  They would be quarantined in their home, I would be quarantined in my home (or the hospital), with 20 miles between us.

Just how airborne IS the Wuhan?  Can secret invisible bats fly 20 miles and enter through a chimney?

Oh…the quarantines aren’t really about protecting the vulnerable from infection, they’re about flattening the curve, right?

We already know that was a hoax.  For one, the US system wasn’t overrun…as with every other prediction they vastly overestimated hospitalizations.  We deployed two floating hospitals to deal with all the patients who wouldn’t be able to get treatment because of the Wuhan; they’er empty.

Secondly, we now know the Wuhan was likely here in November of 2019, which means that all their essential assumptions about the curve were wrong; the curve was already flattened by the enormous number of undiagnosed infections and the far lower mortality rate of the virus.

When they tell you that a) millions will die and b) that it is nothing like the flu but in reality fewer actually die from the Wuhan than die from the flu each year, does that qualify as a hoax?


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