Female Doctor Talking to Her Patient - Medical Pick Up Lines Female Doctor Talking to Her Patient - Medical Pick Up Lines

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Looking for the best medical pick-up lines to use?

Here at Mantelligence, we’ve assembled many types of punch lines, from science puns to nerdy pick-up lines and so much more. So, if there’s anyone who knows a lot of funny lines, it’s yours truly. If you’re looking for the best conversation starts, look no further than some of these medical pick-up lines I’ve assembled.

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Ultimate List of Medical Punch Lines

Man Writing With His Feet up on His DeskMan Writing With His Feet up on His Desk

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Here I’ve assembled the ultimate list of medical pick-up lines for those who want to spice up their game with some unusual pick-up lines. Some are clever, some are cheesy, some give you a funny feeling, and some are full of puns – but all of them are great to use if you want to impress her with your medical chops. You won’t need to go to med school to understand the best of these great medical pick-up lines!

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7 Best Punch Lines for Medical Front Liners That Will Make Them Smile

People in White Uniform Having ConversationPeople in White Uniform Having Conversation

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These are some of the best medical pick-up lines that anyone with a background in the medical profession or those currently in medical school will appreciate. Like my list of nurse funny lines, these are great if you want to try something different for a change. These ice breakers are guaranteed to make any doctor, patient, or medical student smile a little with how clever they are!

Here are 7 best medical funny lines:

1. I need medical attention! I hurt myself pretty bad falling for you.

This classic line is the first one on this list for a reason; you don’t need to have attended medical school to understand this. When you tell her this smooth line, ask her to nurse you back to health. The only you’ll recover is through her touch!

2. Girl, your personality is so magnetic; I think our protons are in alignment.

Babe, you’re so positive that it’s as if like charges attract. Protons align more often when there’s a strong magnetic field… just like the magnetic field she emits, making her especially attractive to you. This is a clever line for a clever girl!

3. I hope to be your emergency contact someday.

And this isn’t for insurance purposes. If she’s sick in love, become her love doctor. Give her a thorough consultation – put her fears to rest and diagnose her condition. Is she sick with a severe case of lovesick-ness?

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