A man and a woman were talking and laughing - easy riddles with answersA man and a woman were talking and laughing - easy riddles with answers

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Looking to train your brain with some easy riddles with answers?

Riddles are great questions to ask and ice breaker games. Trivia is not so different from riddles – and I’ve written plenty of articles about them, like baby trivia questions and Hamilton trivia questions, so you can trust me to create some easy riddles for you and your friends to enjoy!

Ready? Let’s begin.


Greatest List Of Easy Riddles With Answers

A man is leaning on the wall while readingA man is leaning on the wall while reading

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Riddles and brain teasers are great ways to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A brain teaser can be a great puzzle for your brain and a great way to start an engaging conversation. So, I’ve assembled a list of simple riddles that any person, from a kid to an adult and even those of old age, can enjoy! Can you answer them all?


5 The Easiest Riddles For Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained (answers supplemented)

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These simple riddles are great for asking kids. They all have a simple answer that even older kids can deduce. Watch out, though! These can be hard questions for adults to answer because of their simplicity. Can you answer every tricky riddle included here?

Here are 5 of the best riddles for kids:

1. How many months of the year have 28 days?

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All of them

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This one’s a hard riddle if you don’t pay attention to the wording. You might think this riddle is easy and believe the correct answer is February. However, the question isn’t asking which specific month has 28 days in it. All months have 28 days or more – if you want the answer to be February, the question should be, “Which month of the year has only 28 days in it?”

2. What has hands and a face but can’t hold anything or smile?

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A clock.

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Everyone loves clever word riddles. Depending on how you think, it can be a tricky riddle or an easy one. Even if this riddle is commonly used, it can be a good way to test if your friends have heard it before. Were you able to get this one?

a gold watch with a brown leather strapa gold watch with a brown leather strap

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3. It belongs to you, but your friends use it more. What is it?

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Your name.

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This one’s a simple and short riddle, but it’ll still get you thinking. A fun riddle is often one in which the answer is…

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