Gravity Keg Keller Nights at Chuckanut Brewery

Beginning this month, Chuckanut Brewery will begin hosting Keller Nights. The Burlington, Washington based brewer will periodically feature a beer that comes directly out of the brewery’s fermentation tanks. By packaging this beer in a gravity keg, patrons will be able to experience the beer before it’s pushed by CO2 through the bar’s tap system. […]

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Odds & Ends: May 26, 2023

“The Purple Testament” episode of The Twilight Zone. Wednesday’s episode of the podcast about the 11th Airborne Division during WWII led me into reading this interesting article about the combat experience of Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, which then led me to watching an episode of the classic television show I hadn’t watched before. Serling was a member of the 11th Airborne Division’s […]

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My New Favorite Knot

I recently discovered my new favorite knot. It’s known as the lineman’s loop or the alpine butterfly knot. Why is it my new favorite knot? A few reasons: First, it’s just a lot of fun to tie. It’s really easy, so easy, my 9-year-old picked it up in a minute. Now I have a rope […]

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