20 Troubling Parallels Between the Global Warming and Wuhan Panic

 Apocalyptic scare tactics Irrational panic among adherents Wildly inaccurate predictions of doom and gloom Zealous disciples among non-expert class Desperate calls for united global response Arguments based on appeal to authority Falsification of the relevant metrics “Regardless of the cost…” exhortations Demonization of anyone who dissents from the official narrative Bandwagon arguments Lack of proportionality […]

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More Insight Into Why the Experts’ Models Were So Wrong

This is data taken from a Twitter thread by Elon Bachman.  Given Twitter’s history of suppressing information contrary to the MSM talking points, I’m reposting here in its entirety.  I’ve modified the formatting for readability.  Two highlights courtesy of Shane Coombs: * Using Google’s cell-phone location tracking data, there is a positive correlation between stricter […]

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